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Issues & Priorities

Public safety

Gun Safety

Gun Violence in Roanoke City is a multifaceted issue that requires a deliberate and strategic approach. We must both support our Law Enforcement Officers in their efforts to combat gun violence, youth gang participation, the sale of illegal firearms, and the sale of illicit drugs while also ensuring that we are providing our at-risk youth with the necessary environment, resources, and guidance to stay out of trouble.

More on Gun Safety

I believe that we must focus on using proven strategies to combat gun violence in our city. We cannot afford to waste our limited time and money on expensive and ineffective policies and events. Instead, we must put our time, energy, and money into evidence-based programs and initiatives that will:

  • Provide Law Enforcement Officers with superior training techniques, educational materials, and public safety resources
  • Create new, engaging after-school programs, and provide necessary resources to existing after-school programs
  • Promote relationship building between our law enforcement officers and high-risk youth
  • Increase economic and educational opportunities for underprivileged youth

Other public safety issues that I will work to address are:

  • Target Hardening – Create a grant program to help Roanoke citizens purchase home security equipment for their homes such as motion lights, video cameras, doorbells, door/window alarms, etc.
  • Video Monitoring  – Increase camera coverage of public areas and downtown Roanoke to deter criminals, and aid in the investigation and apprehension of perpetrators.
  • Enhanced Street Lighting – We need to hold AEP accountable to fixing lights that are reported out quicker. We also need to upgrade the quality of residential street lighting to improve neighborhood safety and visibility, without increasing light pollution.



There is a strong correlation between criminal activity and poor infrastructure. Neighborhoods that lack safe streets, walkable sidewalks, and well-maintained housing are both a public health hazard and diminish neighborhood pride.

I will make it a priority to ensure that all quadrants of Roanoke City receive adequate attention and funding. This will ensure that the roads and streets are smooth and marked with proper traffic lines, that all sidewalks, crosswalks, and bus stops are safe and ADA accessible, and that housing is affordable and properly maintained.

Road Infrastructure

Roanoke’s roads and streets should be constructed and designed to ensure safety, ease of access, and efficiency for everyone who uses them. Pedestrians and bicyclists should feel safe when traveling on sidewalks and clearly marked and protected bike lanes, and motorists should be able to reach their destination in a fast and efficient manner.

To improve traffic safety and efficiency, I will advocate for the implementation of an Intelligent Traffic Management System and traffic cameras in neighborhoods and school zones where excessive speeding occurs.

More on Infrastructure

Other infrastructure issues that I will work to address are:

  • Working with the city manager to ensure that maintenance is done in a timely and proactive manner across all of Roanoke
  • Installing more shade structures in our parks and event spaces
  • Encourage brownfield development
  • Help citizens remove lead, mold, asbestos, and radon from their homes

Affordable Housing

In recent years Roanoke City has begun to take steps to address our city’s housing crisis, but many Roanokers still struggle to afford housing. According to recent reports, over half of Roanokers who rent are either cost-burdened or severely cost-burdened paying upwards of 50% of their gross income on housing alone. We must stay committed to providing true affordable housing, meaning that no one is paying more than 30% of their gross income on housing costs, including utilities.

I will work to address the housing crisis through:

  • Incentivizing mixed-income housing
  • Allocating funding from the general budget for our land bank program
  • Holding landlords accountable for not properly managing properties

Sustainability and Climate Change

Climate Change is real and the dangers it poses to our environment will have severe impacts on our city’s health and economic future if we are not proactive in our approach to address it.

Climate change affects us all, but not in the same ways. The unhoused and households who live without air conditioning are the most vulnerable. They are more likely to face numerous heat-related illnesses such as dehydration, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and damage to the heart and kidneys. Individuals who live in NW Roanoke in particular experience hotter days by an average of 10-15 degrees. This has huge financial impacts for residents who have to pay higher electricity bills compared to individuals who live in cooler areas in Roanoke due to their A/C systems having to run harder to keep the home at the desired temperature.

More on Sustainability & Climate Change

In addition to its role in protecting our community’s health, our environment is a vital component of our city’s economic well-being. Roanoke is well known for its scenic mountains, gorgeous rivers, and lush tree coverage, and is the go-to destination for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and bicycling. Beyond being a fun way for Roanokers to spend the day, our outdoor recreational opportunities attract tourists that support our small business economy.

I will prioritize protecting our environment through:

  • Increasing Roanoke’s tree canopy
  • Promoting building efficiency through LEED certification and contracting with sustainably-minded construction companies
  • Working with residents and business owners to increase solar utilization and the installation of white or green roofs
  • Expanding and incentivizing non-motorized transportation
  • Increasing Roanoke’s recycling capability to include soft plastics
  • Installing cool pavements to reduce the heat island effect in areas of Roanoke
  • Using new forms of asphalt that withstand the impact of climate change
  • Reducing food waste in local landfills

Business Development

It is important to me that Roanoke is the go-to destination for future businesses both big and small. I want to make sure that the businesses that operate in our city benefit the citizens by offering jobs with a livable wage and benefits, while at the same time putting the proper resources in place so that any person that has the passion or desire can become a business owner.

It takes a lot of money and a lot of time to start a business, and far too often individuals aren’t aware of the opportunities and resources that can help them get started. This means getting access to the necessary capital, particularly for minority individuals who’ve been excluded from the market far more than their counterparts. It’s also important that we recognize business owners may make mistakes when filling out forms or may have to make certain payments late. I believe that we should not penalize them for this, but instead work with and educate them so that these mistakes are not made again.

More on Business Development

In order to make Roanoke a more vibrant city for business growth and development, I want to capitalize on the great assets we already have and build upon the ones we don’t. Roanoke already has a flourishing healthcare sector, and we have designated technology zones. This means that with the large number of colleges around us, a robust trades certification and training program, and transition services for employees needing to switch careers, we can help people become prepared for jobs in nursing, construction, IT maintenance, and so much more.

I will work hard to make Roanoke City’s economy benefit everyone, from business owners to employees, by:

  • Listening to the needs and concerns of businesses and employees in the area
  • Making it easier to access capital, particularly for marginalized and lower-income individuals
  • Incentivizing business in vital sectors such as grocery, healthcare, and childcare to locate in areas that can be accessed by everyone in Roanoke City
  • Coordinating with the Roanoke City School Board and local universities and colleges to get students career-ready, particularly through technical education and certification and internships
  • Utilizing existing tech corridors, and revitalizing industrial areas that have been neglected and overlooked
  • Promoting Amtrak expansion and bus line access to make it easier for workers to get to and from work efficiently

Building a resilient, healthy economy isn’t just bringing in jobs and lowering taxes. Economies are made up of people, and all my priorities – from education to infrastructure, gun violence to sustainability – revolve around making people’s lives better. When people have access to high-quality food, transportation, healthcare, housing, and education, they are more likely to stay in Roanoke and be productive and happy in their jobs. It’s a virtuous cycle: Healthy, productive people make healthy, productive economies.

Other ways I would like to support small businesses and business development are to:

  • Work with Roanoke’s IT department and the Roanoke Economic Development authority to create an app with information such as hours, Menu/services, prices, and owner information to help attract customers
  • Make it easier for small businesses to contract with the government


The children are our future, and we owe it to them to provide every opportunity we can for them to learn and grow. City Council has a responsibility to be an active participant in our school system. We must ensure that our school’s leadership is responsive to the needs of our students, parents and teachers, be that through providing accommodations to students with individualized education programs (IEP) or working with the school board to find a new transportation service, with the ultimate goal of insourcing RCPS transportation.

Other educational issues to address are:

  • Improve college preparedness
  • Expand Career and Technical Education programs and access to careers directly from high school
  • Ensure schools are about more than just academics, but a place that teaches emotional intelligence and financial literacy
  • Increase use of ACE score to connect students with resources and services

Equity and Inclusion

Roanoke City is so diverse and culturally rich. We must continue to champion policies and practices that help us become a more loving and caring city for all to call home.

As a proud Black man, I understand and relate to the everyday struggles that so many of our citizens face. Discrimination comes in many forms, and we must work together to promote equity and inclusivity in all aspects of our city. Some Roanokers face discrimination because of who they choose to love, others because they choose to express who they truly are. As your councilman, I will always stand up for all people who live in Roanoke regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship status, age, disAbility, political party, or religion.

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Primary Date: June 18, 2024
General Election: November 5, 2024

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